How I Got Rid Of Arm Flab In Time For Summer

Hey, so you know those flabby bits under your arms that wave in the wind every time you say goodbye? Those fleshy wings that convince you to purchase a matching sweater every time you buy a new tank top or sleeveless dress? Yeah, well, those aren’t just the bane of your existence, they happen to the best of us … even celebrities (please hold all shock, horror, and awe).

While we regular people aren’t being stalked on the beach by paparazzi looking for every little jiggle, we still want to be able to show off our arms with confidence. Not like “welcome to the gun show” or anything — but strong, defined arms that look amazing in spaghetti straps are on all of our wish lists, right?

Enter David Kirsch, fitness trainer to the most gorgeous bodies in Hollywood (think Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Kerry Washington, and Faith Hill) who says you’re only a couple well-designed arm workouts away. He busts some muscle myths and shares the arm exercises he makes his star clients do when they need to get in shape — fast — from his new book, “Abs & Arms.

We’re not gonna lie — do these arm exercises a few times a week and you’ll feel muscles you didn’t even know you had. But the payoff is worth the pain: So, ditch those stuffy sweater sets and get the “Michelle Obama arms” of your dreams.

First, get rid of your excuses
Before you start busting your booty to get toned, sexy arms, let’s start by busting some common muscle myths.

Myth: If I workout my arms, they will get too bulky.
This is a common excuse women make, says Kirsch. Women are worried if they pump iron, they will come out looking “bulky and unfeminine,” he says. Not true. Kirsch explains that the “the female body is not made to bulk. Unless you’re genetically unique, you don’t have the testosterone for Rocky Balboa biceps.”

Myth: If I stop the training, my new muscles will turn to fat.
So false. “If you stop training, your body may get fat, but it won’t be because you ever had muscles,” says Kirsch.

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