Never Use These Phrases When Talking to Your Children, Psychologists Warn

We all are humans who make mistakes but to a mind of a child, its parents are more than just a human. The parents are its guardians, caretakers and creators. For that reason the parents do and how they behave is a crucial part of the psyche of the children. If they are hungry they speak to the parents and if they’re cold and harsh they yell and shout when there is something wrong. The way people approach to the mistakes is how they learn and overcome those mistakes.

Here are some phrases that you shouldn’t use when you talk to your child:

1. You’re worthless

It may be the worst thing that a child can hear, especially when you’re its mental figure and they expect most of to be approved. In this way you’re putting the child on a journey that never ends to seek approval from the outside world. You’re letting them to believe that they have nothing instead of helping them. Instead of saying this, you can say ‘It is not your day, but you will do better the next time’, or ‘nobody is perfect’, or ‘you can do better’.

2. I’m disappointed in you

This is usually said when the child already feels bad. You can be disappointed in everything in this world, but never in your own child because you are there to lead them on the right path. Guide them back when they do something wrong and teach them and explain then what was done wrong and why.

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